10 Year reunion for all Survivors. Wow!

What happens when you put 211 Survivor Contestants and their guests, media, CBS employees, Mark, Jeff and David Burris plus many of the people who make Survivor such an amazing and successful show, all total of 1001 together with, great food, ever flowing drinks and loud music. ??

You get the most incredibly fun party where everyone was able to meet so many of the contestants we have all watched for the past 10 years. I still have trouble really believing that I am part of that great Survivor Family and family it is. This was so obvious all night. Game play aside everyone was their normal (as much as that can be for some) selves and I have to say I just loved almost all of them more in person than I even did from their game. I still find it so funny when I meet up with my favorite players and say “Hi I am Gillian” and they say “of course, I know who you are”
CBS outdid themselves.

We were taken by shuttle to CBS studios and greeted by friendly CBS people, a buff® to wear somewhere at all times and a lanyard with our names and season. Most people I knew right off but a few I had to peek down at their lanyard. We walked under the new season log into an Island wonderland of palapas, palm trees, food stations with delicious food and friendly servers, more servers walking around with platters piled high with the wonderful food that was not on a station and a huge bar palapa in the middle.

The stage area had a huge logo from each season and the band was great but too loud. You can dance to any level music but you can’t talk… I know it’s not my age but the music was so loud it made talking impossible and we all turned into moving mouths and unless we yelled into an ear the comments were lost to the notes. It ended up almost everyone went to the side room where it turned into wall to wall people who could talk to their hearts content as they too couldn’t talk.

I found a lot of the people I wanted to; people found me and introduced themselves and their role in my game which I loved. I loved every minute of it and continue to feel so privileged to have been a part of this amazing game. My husband, myself and 15 others were on the last shuttle home and we had to almost be thrown out.

I can’t believe how many people I could not find in the melee of bodies and seeing other people’s photos I know I missed so many I would have liked to have met. Will have to wait till the 20th reunion.

Photos on http://facebook.com/gillianlarson

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