26 Motivational Talks in 6 days. An awesome and rewarding week.

What a really great experience. A whirlwind round of Motivational talks getting in front of approx 3000 people, doing 4 to 5, 1 hour talks a day sharing my motto…

Dream it,

Believe it,

Prepare for it,

Do it. !!!!

Steve Fisher from Horace Mann Insurance works with schools in the Stockton area, offering them exciting benefits and programs and I was lucky enough to become one of those programs. The schools snapped me up and I was immediately booked for 23 Assemblies with students and teachers and also 3 adult groups. It was awesome. The kids loved it, the adults loved it and I absolutely loved watching them all give me their undivided attention and knowing that at least a few would leave with a new resolve to keep the fire in their hearts burning and go for their dream.  What a privilege to be able to share my dream and inspire them to go for their dreams. I talk about having a dream and a goal, about persistence, preparation and hard work and mostly belief in yourself. I tie this all into my Survivor experience, show a few photos and some memorabilia from my game which they love to see. My story tells of what it took to get on Survivor and how it all turned out. I was in awe at the excellent and insightful questions they asked and smiled as I signed binders, papers, hands and shoes  by the hundreds. I loved them sharing afterwards, telling me their dreams knowing I might have touched a few. I love getting in front of groups and sharing that Jeff and My Tribe might have snuffed out my flame in the game as it was out of my control but NO ONE will ever put out the flame in my heart and tell them “never ever let anyone put out their flame, it is in their control “.

I do these talks to schools, groups and organizations for no charge other than expenses if over 2 hrs away. It is my way of giving back for an amazing and out of the ordinary experience and for the privilege of being selected. I do charge for Corporate bookings.

Photos on my Facebook page.

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  1. John Rigler
    John Rigler says:


    Heard you at the board of REALTORS meeting last Thursday and you were great. I have a radio show on KTIE 590 AM that airs every Saturday at noon for one hour. We tape on Wed afternoons . I was wondering if I could possibly get you to come on the show and chat sometime. I will plug the Reality Run on this weeks show.

    Thank you
    John Rigler

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