60 miles against Cancer again. Nov 20th 2009

I decided that I would not walk the 60 miles in 2009 but I had to be a part of this absolutely mind boggling event in another way. Thank God I do not have breast cancer in my family but Cancer once again reared its ugly head last year and claimed Chris, my 56 year old brother. So in his honor I wanted to do something again.

I did not think I would have time for the fundraising as my Reality life was almost overtaking my real life.  I volunteered on the medical crew and had the most wonderful experience and was privileged to work with 100 fun and dedicated Medical professionals taking care of a multitude of blisters and other over use stress related injuries.

I also arranged a Reality Cheering Station. I knew from walking last year how much the Cheering Stations boost you when you think you cannot walk another step and a Reality Stars cheering Station would be an unbelievable sight, and it was. The walkers could hardly believe their eyes when they came across 26 Reality Stars there just for them.

Working Medical made me again realize how much I miss working as a Nurse and still fully intend to get back to it. The Med Crew consisted of Doctors, Nurses, PA’s Pt’s, Chiropractors, Sports Med people, Trainers and Medical records  folk to keep it all straight and I am sure I have forgotten one discipline at least. 4800 hundred people walked 60 miles in 3 days raising 96 Million for the Susan Koman fund. Amazing.

The community spirit and the overall camaraderie for those 3 days is mindboggling. There are altogether 500 volunteers who make it happen by raising tents, route safety patrols, baggage handling, food service, shower service, hydration stations, emptying port-a-potties ;( and endless jobs with a smile, a hug and enthusiasm there is no comparison to. They work from 4am to 10pm and their enthusiasm does not waver ever. Volunteers are always needed so if anyone is interested in a weekend of a lifetime let me know or anyone wants to donate to the fund let me know.

This is one of those opportunities that can enhance your lives forever.

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