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My radio and podcast interviews since 2010

I have reached out to radio and interview hosts to tell my different stories for many different reasons. These can be seen on www.realityrally.com under http://realityrally.com/press/in-the-news/radio In addition the pwoer of the press is so valuable so I have reached out and also been contacted by many to share what I/we do Newspapers http://realityrally.com/press/in-the-news/local-newspapers Magazines […]

Survivor Fans Podcast Day After interview

Jo Ann and Stacy of Survivor Fans Podcast were one of the first podcasters to do Exit Interviews! Here is my Exit Interview which is done the day after the viewing of the episode after I was “booooooted!!!” They wanted my take on my tribe members and so much more. Their questions were just what […]

Reality Rally Press Coverage

See Full Reality Rally Press Coverage http://realityrally.com/press/in-the-news/local-newspapers http://realityrally.com/press/in-the-news/magazine-publications http://realityrally.com/press/in-the-news/radio   4th annual Reality Rally draws over 100 reality television stars to Temecula, but Michelle’s Place reminds of heart behind Fun for Funds event