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“Never Give Up”

When I do my speaking engagements and in all I do, my message is of persistence, belief in oneself and ones ability. To always  “Dream it, Believe It, Prepare for it, DO IT !!!” I hear from many who hear me or read what I do how I was an inspiration and helped them move […]

The Reality Rally Story

Gillian Larson had an unexplained passion and drive to get onto the TV show Survivor and after 8 years of applying she got on for the season filmed in Gabon, Africa becoming the second oldest woman contestant ever and only 1 of 9 contestants over 60 in all seasons to play. She applied for 8 […]

Listen to my interview with Robbie Motter

Recently, I was on Robbie Motter’s Diva Weekly Strategies for Success radio show hosting on the Blog Talk Radio network. I had an opportunity to discuss my 12 P’s for success on the show! Robbie is a marketing and public relations consultant certified national speaker and Aathor. She is the senior VP of the American Seminar Leaders/Contacts […]

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Take a look at my promotional video to get a flavor of me! I have now attended more than 400 events at organizations, schools, corporations, service groups and more. I have been the keynote speaker, I have been the entertainment, I am everywhere delivering my message of being the best you can be because you CAN be. I […]