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How to rethink age as a benefit, not barrier

Here’s my TEDx Temecula talk from Sept. 29. Below is the introductory description provided by TEDx. What holds you back from reaching your true potential: your age or your attitude and the expectations you believe the world demands? Instead of seeing age as a barrier, what if we viewed age and experiences as building blocks to […]

Nelson Mandela Passes, Gillian Larson remembers

I grew up in South Africa during Apartheid, learning–from our white community–that there was a terrorist in jail, called Mandela. I also grew up hearing stories from my wonderful Nanny, Mabel, about a man of passion and vision for our country who was in jail, called Mandela. “Is that what a terrorist is?” I wondered. […]

Reality Rally Radio – Meet the 2013 Sponsors and Reality Stars

Listen to Reality Rally Radio as I introduce you to one of our special sponsors for Reality Rally in support of Michelle’s Place, the family from Bellavado Avocado Oil in Valley Center, Calif., plus we get to speak with reality stars coming to Reality Rally 2013 on April 5 – 7. https://s3.amazonaws.com/gillian-larson/Reality+Rally+-+Show+3+copy.mp3