Featuring a photo from my speaking engagements or travels.

Motivational Talks

My way of giving back for my awesome experience and opportunity that hundreds and thousands would just die for (or almost ) is to use it to inspire and motivate. If there is only one person in each group that makes a significant change in their life due to what they hear , Read more

Now I am a Survivor wannaback!

You know it…..I am now a Survivor Wannaback. I want back in for another shot at the game. There is always a bring back season and I want in…. Read more

Gillian’s fun speaking engagements

I am having a great time doing motivational talks at schools, groups and organizations. Photos on FaceBook. Here are some of my fun bookings. Read more

3 days and a 60 mile walk. We did it. !!!

We did it. !!!!! Kendra and I walked every step of the 60 miles.

Thank you so much for your donation to our fund for The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.

It was the most amazing experience and I think might even surpass “Survivor in its awesomeness. The whole event was of course a whole different and really meaningful connotation to the word “ Survivor” I am still in absolute awe.

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Post booted press interviews

Possibly the only fun about being booted was the hours on the phone with the Press from all over the world. I literally spent six hours one day doing phone interviews with many U.S websites, magazines and online magazines. Another day 3 hrs talking to 12 radio stations across the USA one of which newsfeeds to over 1,700 stations.

Then interviews with Canada, Australia, Israel, Phillipines, New Zealand and Singapore. Now how much fun was that! I have found some of the interviews by “googling” and here they are. I have loved sharing my experience so here is more!

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Open invitation

This is an open invitation to anyone in the Southern California area. Come and share in their dream, hear about the services they offer to our Vets and learn of the community connection. Read more

Injured ?? Gabon speaks. Screwed again!!!!

Ouch ouch and ouch again.

The 8 ft wave picked me up and threw me on the floor of the ocean with such vengeance and then again as if to say “the Ocean of Africa speaks, you think being booted hurts. I will show you what hurts.” I heard and felt 2 loud bone cracking sounds in my right shoulder and wondered what the hell I had done.

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Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center Grand Opening

I am privileged to be invited to be a part of Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center’s (SWVBRC) grand opening. Anyone reading this is invited to attend. It will be a very inspiring event. Here is a part of my story that fits into their theme.

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Booted and Bummed

So now my torch was snuffed and off I walked into the African night. Bummer. I did stay in the area for the next 5 weeks. Not near the game site though. There is a zip on my lip regarding most of the post game stuff but here’s a little.

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A look back at the week

Well, as you probably know, my torch was snuffed and my experience in the game of Survivor ended very differently from what I had hoped for.. We have just seen many athletes in the Olympics have a very different outcome to their quest for gold, one of which was Lola Jones who tripped over a hurdle. Well I tripped over an Olympian.

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