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12 Speaking Engagaments in 5 days in Canada. What a priviledge.

Leigh Sherry of LJS and Associates in Bradford, Canada booked me to speak to 12 different groups in September 2013.  What an honor and privilege to get in front of so many to share my message. “Dream it, Believe it, Prepare for it and Do IT !!” I am so energized by this privilege I have had since Survivor that I have endless energy and could have spoken to more groups. A major part of why I do speaking engagements is to thank my audience for all they do in their lives and the difference they all make in the work they do. We all cannot be a Mother Theresa or a Nelson Mandela but we can all touch our immediate world and make a huge difference in what we do around us for others. Thank you to all of those attending my 12 engagements for all you do. The LJS and Associates  motto is ” Be the Bridge” Tag line. Taking YOU across the bridge from where you are today to where you want to go. I love it. My talks certainly match that.

I spoke to 5 different  groups in the Children’s Aid Society in Brandford. Single Moms, Teen Mom’s, Foster Parents, Staff. I know I touched a chord in many and do know that something I said watered their seed of desire in their hearts and they left with a renewed flame burning inside of them.  Several shared with me in the group what is did for them and tears were the testament. I spoke to 3 different student classes at Laurier University where I fit right into their school motto “Inspiring Lives” The students were engaged and had many questions. I know that what I said will take many through their journey of life starting on that lecture bench. I spoke to an assembly at the Niagra Christian College  to students from many countries who come to Canada for High School. Such a pleasure talking to students from China, Japan and other far away places. The Best Western Hotel Staff wondered why they had been “assigned” to hear me speak. ” What do I need to know about Survivor’ was one pre speaking comment. The post comment was ” Wow, was that powerful and exactly what I needed to hear. ”  I spoke at a staff meeting at Braemar School and I know the faculty enjoyed what I had to say as much as I enjoyed sharing. I shared my story with The Brandford Hospice Volunteers and toured their wonderful facility and spoke to Staff. What an amazing job they do and we are so lucky there are people in this world that can help us take the last steps with our families as we leave this world.    I highly recommend Hospice Care to all who have that need where ever they live.

I was the keynote speaker at the LJS and Associates Client Appreciation Reception. The Jazz band and delicious horsdoevers set the stage for a great evening. Wine, food, inspiration and an audience. What more could I ask for !!!!

Thank you Adam and Crew from Atomic Spark for co-sponsoring the event and for capturing my talk on Live Stream to the world. See one  evening video in archive.

Thank you Leigh Sherry of LJS and Associates for the pleasure and privilege you opened up for me in an amazing week.

Thank you Tyler Masur for being my excellent Personal Assistant and driver all week. It was such a pleasure knowing that you had all the details, helped set up, ran the AV and took the photos. We were always on time and were a dynamic duo where ever we went in a tightly packed week. Thank you. You will go far in life. You have “Got It !!!”

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“Never Give Up”

When I do my speaking engagements and in all I do, my message is of persistence, belief in oneself and ones ability. To always  “Dream it, Believe It, Prepare for it, DO IT !!!” I hear from many who hear me or read what I do how I was an inspiration and helped them move towards their dream. I encourage others to share their stories and to know that everything we say can and does have a ripple effect. We may know where some of those ripples touch but it is mind boggling to think that our ripple may travel far and wide and touch many.  I feel it is my honor and a privilege to have that possibility.

One of my ripples reached all the way to Canada several years ago. Julie Comeau was following what I do and it watered her seed of her dream in her heart. She had been struggling with many physical problems and decided she would  “never give up” and she would come out of the other end of her struggles and have her story to share and inspire. She did. She came out the other end of her dark tunnel with a powerful message of “Never Give Up” which she wrote in her book. Her book can be purchased to help you come out of your tunnel and be inspired to do what you are capable of.

This was her comment to me

From Julie Comeau, Author of Never Give Up – The Inspiring Journey Of A Real Life Survivor

[quote]Gillian is one of the most amazing woman that I have encountered, her strength and her determination inspire me to keep moving forward no matter what. In all she does and through all the people she helps she not only touches one life, she touches thousands at a time. Gillian touched my life back in 2009 when I had lost all hope and wanted to give up. Just by seeing how determined this amazing woman was made me feel energized and rebooted in a way like no other. Her compassion and her dedication is remarkable in so many ways. The effect that Gillian has on people is lifelong and in all that she sets out to do she accomplishes with great determination and her uniqueness makes her one of a kind. Having Gillian touch my world has truly been life changing.[/quote]

Thomas Edison penned that well. “If we did what we were capable of, we would  totally astound ourselves.”

Watch me in action on Livestream

I have one complete Speaking Engagement on  Live Stream.  Click here to watch and listen to my message of my motto “Dream it, Believe It, Prepare for it and DO IT ” ties into my experience on Survivor and my 8 year quest to get on.

My message of persistence, dealing with disappointment, rejection, and so much more of life’s lessons told in a fun way but with a powerful punch.

Reality Rally Radio – Meet the 2013 Sponsors and Reality Stars

Listen to Reality Rally Radio as I introduce you to one of our special sponsors for Reality Rally in support of Michelle’s Place, the family from Bellavado Avocado Oil in Valley Center, Calif., plus we get to speak with reality stars coming to Reality Rally 2013 on April 5 – 7.

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Listen to my interview with Robbie Motter

Recently, I was on Robbie Motter’s Diva Weekly Strategies for Success radio show hosting on the Blog Talk Radio network. I had an opportunity to discuss my 12 P’s for success on the show!

Robbie is a marketing and public relations consultant certified national speaker and Aathor. She is the senior VP of the American Seminar Leaders/Contacts Unlimited Speakers Bureau, and serves as the NAFE Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator. Robbie serves on many boards of directors across the country. She worked in top positions in corporate America before starting her own company, Contacts Unlimited in 1985. She has been a single mother raising three children all whom are grown now and all whom hold top executive positions.

Enjoy the program below, and you can visit her website and check out her weekly show on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT. on the Women’s Business Talk Radio Network.


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Motivational Speaking Engagements

Take a look at my promotional video to get a flavor of me! I have now attended more than 400 events at organizations, schools, corporations, service groups and more. I have been the keynote speaker, I have been the entertainment, I am everywhere delivering my message of being the best you can be because you CAN be.

I have delivered my message to thousands. I actually do not believe in motivational speeches as I believe that motivation must come from within. I believe my talks are inspirational and I hope  something I say waters that seed of a dream in your heart and mind and helps it grow into a fulfilled dream.

That makes me the million dollar winner of my season!  You CAN do anything you want to do if it is reasonable. Do NOT listen to people who tell you you cant.  YOU are the only one who knows what YOU are capable of doing. Do IT today.  I do not charge for local schools and service groups. I charge $50 for gas costs out of the Temecula Valley area. Travel costs covered  for all distant travel. Coorporate bookings negotiated.

Please read some of the testimonials on my webpage. People seem to love what I say and I love saying it. School kids from K-12 all sit and listen for 45 minutes. It is fascianting to watch.

Call me today at (781) 962-8234 or contact me.