Information and details about recent speaking engagements.

My radio and podcast interviews since 2010

I have reached out to radio and interview hosts to tell my different stories for many different reasons.
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In addition the pwoer of the press is so valuable so I have reached out and also been contacted by many to share what I/we do



Motivational Speaking Engagements

Take a look at my promotional video to get a flavor of me! I have now attended more than 450 events at organizations, schools, corporations, service groups, and more. I have been the keynote speaker, I have been the entertainment, I am everywhere delivering my message of being the best you can be because you CAN be.

I have delivered my message to thousands. I actually do not believe in motivational speeches as I believe that motivation must come from within. I believe my talks are inspirational and I hope something I say waters that seed of a dream in your heart and mind and helps it grow into a fulfilled dream.

That makes me the million-dollar winner of my season!  You CAN do anything you want to do if it is reasonable. Do NOT listen to people who tell you you can’t.  YOU are the only one who knows what YOU are capable of doing. Do IT today.  I do not charge for local schools and service groups. I charge $50 for gas costs out of the Temecula Valley area. Travel costs covered for all distant travel. Corporate bookings negotiated.

Please read some of the testimonials on my webpage. People seem to love what I say and I love saying it. School kids from K-12 all sit and listen for 45 minutes. It is fascinating to watch.

Call me today at (781) 962-8234 or contact me.

How to rethink age as a benefit, not barrier

Here’s my TEDx Temecula talk from Sept. 29. Below is the introductory description provided by TEDx.

What holds you back from reaching your true potential: your age or your attitude and the expectations you believe the world demands? Instead of seeing age as a barrier, what if we viewed age and experiences as building blocks to create our future?

This guiding belief has opened worlds of possibilities for Gillian Larson, including the opportunity to star in the Reality TV show Survivor at the age of 61. It also gave her the outlook she needed to reinvent her life after she was kicked off the show six days later.

On stage, Gillian shares her insatiable appetite for challenge and adventure, inspiring and challenging audiences of all ages never to let age keep you from what you want to achieve. In fact, age might be the very factor that catapults you to new opportunities. Gillian Larson was born and raised in South Africa and now lives in California. She is married and has three married daughters and seven grandchildren. She worked as an RN for 38 years and is very involved in her community and taps into her many life experiences creating ongoing new chapters in her life to make a difference in the lives of others.

One of Gillian’s significant achievements was being selected for the TV Show Survivor at the age of 61 in 2008, which she has parlayed into many opportunities, such as creating Reality Rally a 3-day fundraising event for a cancer resource center raising thousands of dollars every year.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.