Featuring a photo from my speaking engagements or travels.

TV Reality Star Benefit Appearance – Simsbury, Conn. May 15

This benefit appearance was dedicated to the real survivors of war, genocide and natural disasters.  Terry Deitz from Survivor Panama joined me to help raise funds. I was a former Simsbury resident and Terry lives in Simsbury.

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Fun and meet ups at the Survivor weekend – Jan 2010

People who make it on Survivor are not the quiet retiring kind. They are full of fun, know how to enjoy their lives and love being a part of this Survivor family. It is actually “The Reality TV Family” and I can still hardly believe that I have become a part of it and my husband and family can share this very different experience.

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Welcome to our family Adam Anson Thomas

11th January 2010 at 10.18am we welcomed our beautiful little 6th grandbaby into our family. Adam Anson Thomas. 7lbs 9oz and 19 ½ ins. Read more

10 Year reunion for all Survivors. Wow!

What happens when you put 211 Survivor Contestants and their guests, media, CBS employees, Mark, Jeff and David Burris plus many of the people who make Survivor such an amazing and successful show, all total of 1001 together with, great food, ever flowing drinks and loud music. ?? Read more

Survivor hopefuls and an open casting call

I sooo know what it feels like to be an ever hopeful Survivor Wannabe. I would have given my eye teeth or even maybe even my first born (sorry Tonya) to have met a Survivor to talk to. Never did. THAT is why I will always go and cruise the line at open casting calls to encourage, chat with and even entertain the hopefuls.

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Survivor Samoa finale weekend – Dec 09

Maybe this entry should be titled “Russell was soooo pissed” What a sore loser, thus what a loser. CBS made Samoa the Russell show because I think it needed a bang up season for future contacting and they go it. Read more

26 Motivational Talks in 6 days. An awesome and rewarding week.

What a really great experience. A whirlwind round of Motivational talks getting in front of approx 3000 people, doing 4 to 5, 1 hour talks a day sharing my motto… Read more

60 miles against Cancer again. Nov 20th 2009

I decided that I would not walk the 60 miles in 2009 but I had to be a part of this absolutely mind boggling event in another way. Thank God I do not have breast cancer in my family but Cancer once again reared its ugly head last year and claimed Chris, my 56 year old brother. So in his honor I wanted to do something again. Read more

Reality Stars Cheering Station in San Diego,Nov 21st 2009

What do you get when you have 26 Reality Stars on the Beach Walk at Mission Beach cheering on 5000 walkers doing the 60 mile walk for the Susan Koman Cancer fund? Read more

Reality star cheering station and 60 mile walkers

“Cancer is a reality and so is a cure.” My 56 year old brother, Chris, died of cancer this year so I have organized a big, fun, awesome “Cancer Sucks Reality Cheering Station” in his memory to provide a boost to the 6500 walkers who will be walking in the three day 60 mile Susan G. Komen walk this weekend (Nov. 21/22) in San Diego. Read more