Fun and meet ups at the Survivor weekend – Jan 2010

People who make it on Survivor are not the quiet retiring kind. They are full of fun, know how to enjoy their lives and love being a part of this Survivor family. It is actually “The Reality TV Family” and I can still hardly believe that I have become a part of it and my husband and family can share this very different experience.

and you know what, ? for the most part we all know we are just ordinary and behave like just ordinary people who had a really great experience that continues. 211 of “us” gathered in Hollywood last weekend for the 10th Reunion of all Survivors and the whole weekend was one fun time. Meeting so many of the players I had not met before and being able to share our stories and experiences was awesome. It was so good to hear what people are doing with that experience and so many are doing a lot of good. I absolutely loved so many of “them” There was much shrieking with recognition in the hotel lobby as people came in and I am still fascinated that “they” who I have watched for years know me. !!!!

Our good friend Murtz Jaffer (Reality Obsessed) was in from Canada and he arranged a gathering at The Saddle Ranch where the shrieking, hugging, photos and endless chatter without a breath continued. He had also arranged for us to go to another club M-6 (I think) where we had the secret password to get in!!!! “Murtz” How Hollywood is that. We were quite clearly the oldest in the room 😉 and tried to look like we belonged, had a drink and yelled in each others ears. At the last party I also thought I was definitely the oldest in the room until I saw another gray haired lady and was relieved until I realized it was me in a mirrored wall. J. Age has never mattered to me as we will always know how to have fun. What I did also learn looking back on photos was to stand up straight and not look like an ad for Osteoporosis. !!!! After M-6 we walked along Sunset to another club, My House, for a party organized by Earl. Here the password to get in past the milling ‘young” crowd was Survivor which how ever didn’t hold any weight with the enormous bouncers who declared they were filled to capacity. We stood outside with a whole lot of party hopefuls for an hour and watched people from “The Hills” get in despite capacity. Once again I could have passed for an AARP Cover girl but what fun watching the action outside. One cute young guy kept hanging onto me giving me compliments and chatting despite my husband behind me which I pointed out. I think he thought I had to be “someone” and would be able to slip in with this “someone” After all it is “Cougar Town” We gave up just before 2 and walked back. The next day continued with a lot of “gathering of the tribes” as dozens hung out at the pool where Dale took many many great photos. He is just great and tireless shooting for us to have photos we would not necessarily get otherwise. He does amazing photography and anyone in So Cal should check him out and book him.

That night was the CBS party and an after party organized by Johnny Fairplay at Villa something or other. We did not make that one as we were the last to leave CBS and the party was almost closing down so a bunch of us continued talking in the lobby till 4am. No wonder I am hoarse….2 weekends of party party party and talk talk talk. What fun life can be and I have never been a bar fly…one could never tell by my yearly excursions to LA..

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