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Take a look at my promotional video to get a flavor of me! I have now attended more than 400 events at organizations, schools, corporations, service groups and more. I have been the keynote speaker, I have been the entertainment, I am everywhere delivering my message of being the best you can be because you CAN be.

I have delivered my message to thousands. I actually do not believe in motivational speeches as I believe that motivation must come from within. I believe my talks are inspirational and I hope  something I say waters that seed of a dream in your heart and mind and helps it grow into a fulfilled dream.

That makes me the million dollar winner of my season!  You CAN do anything you want to do if it is reasonable. Do NOT listen to people who tell you you cant.  YOU are the only one who knows what YOU are capable of doing. Do IT today.  I do not charge for local schools and service groups. I charge $50 for gas costs out of the Temecula Valley area. Travel costs covered  for all distant travel. Coorporate bookings negotiated.

Please read some of the testimonials on my webpage. People seem to love what I say and I love saying it. School kids from K-12 all sit and listen for 45 minutes. It is fascianting to watch.

Call me today at (781) 962-8234 or contact me.

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  1. Kimberly Lopez
    Kimberly Lopez says:

    Hi Gillian,

    I have heard such wonderful things about your talks and messages for students. I am a principal at Hawthorne Elementary (K-6) in San Diego Unified. I would love to book a day or two to have you come to my school and share your story with the students. I really think that the beginning of a school year is a wonderful time to come together and talk about dreams and the way to go about pursuing them. In fact, I think these are important messages for the teachers to hear as well!

    I see that you do not charge for local schools, however, I would be happy to negotiate a price with you. After all, your time, preparation, travel, and most importantly…..your message make it worth it! Please contact me through email at, by phone at the school office at 858-273-3341, or on my cell at 619-709-2293.

    Thank you so much! I look forward to talking with you.

    ~Kimberly Lopez

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