Reality Stars Fundraiser weekend in Kentucky

What do you get when you put 65 Reality Stars together? One amazing amount of fun and a lot of money for Cosair Children’s Charities and yes, I did meet Coach J.

I have just returned from Louisiana where the 2009 Kentuckiana Police and Firefighters Benefit was held. This is an amazing yearly event organized by Matt Keith, Kelly Jones and Mark Lynch and what an amazing job they do.

It is such fun to know I now belong to this great family of Realty Stars J and it is a family.

Contestants from Survivor, Amazing Race, Southern Belles, American Idol, one Pirate Master and even Outback Jack came together to have fun, meet old friends and make new, sign hundreds of autographs and pose for pictures with hundreds of fans who come and support the benefit. Awesome. There is no way I can write about all the great people who came together in a short blog so will focus on Tocantins, as a follow up to my recent blogs for Canadian TV Guide.

Sandy has learned what a “pace” is and we both agreed we were pretty pissed of that the “old women” are always targeted. JT is a most delightful Southern young man and after meeting him I am even more delighted he took the seasons million. Stephen was as wide eyed in Kentucky as he was in Brazil. Sierra, Debbie and Erin all look like they came right from a “Who’s Who in Good Looking American Women “convention and all had a lots of fun. Joe is also awesome and is happy he is not walking around on one leg despite leaving the game too soon because of it. Spencer is much taller than I thought he was and he is a whole lot of fun. AND of course there is Coach. I still have to say that I still like the guy. I know I dissed him in the game but I found him personable, interactive and likable. We talked about his “tall stories” and we both agreed that the average person does not do adventure travel and therefore thinks someone who does is full of shit. After all, who would believe I spent 2 hrs in a cage, diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa and was in awe when one huge mouth opened and bit the cage 6 inches from my face. J So he has the pygmies and I have sharks.

We all had a boat ride down the Ohio River and ate, chatted and laughed about our game experiences. (Mine of course was not laughing matter J )

We all went to Churchill Downs for Night Races, I picked mostly losers, the jockeys are miniature people and we all had much fun. I think we need a jockey on Survivor or 2 on TAR. How fun would that be. Getting under a fence would be a snap for them. 😉

The Reality Challenge at 6 Flags was a whole lot of fun and The Amazing Race Team beat the Survivor Team hands down L. Fan Team Donnie took home the trophy, “The Roaming Gnome”, no one choked on the funnel cakes they had to eat with no hands and our Bob cannot Hula Hoop to save his life J The Benefit evening was such fun. We mixed and mingled with 600 fans who bought tickets in support of the fund and to get our autographs and pictures. A highlight of the evening was an impromptu Reality Jam session. Eric Huffman ,Joe Dowdle ( Survivor) played guitars and sang, Susie Smith’s son, Trent on drums, Ray Housteau, BJ Averell (Amazing Race), Lindsey Cardinale and Haley Scarnato (American Idol) all sang. Really great music and much cheering all around. Cool.

From our season it was the final 4 and me J and it was great to see them all again. I will have pictures posted

And check out the benefit at….

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