Sold at Auction !!!! Me.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be “sold” or even bid on. Well, I was, it was such a fun brunch gathering and all for a great cause.

Michelle’s Place, a cancer resource center in town “sold me off” at their annual Spring Fling to the highest bidder, Lorie.

She, her son Stephen and 4 good friends all met me at South Coast Winery to hear all about my Survivor experience over eggs and mimosas.

What fun that was. Really great people and such fun to be with. I love getting together with “fans” of the show as I know I would have given my eye teeth to have met a “Survivor” during my quest to get on. I loved being with them all and answered all their questions (except the ones I call my 5 million zip on the lip questions !!!) and everyone took turns having their photo taken with me, my buff®, my shirt and tree mail.

I am up for “sale” anytime there is a good cause or available for “talks”to groups who might want to hear me. Contact me for information.

Photo will be posted on Facebook when my computer comes back to life.

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