Available “Live or Virtual”.

I look for an audience to inspire to motivate themselves into action.
Sales and Leadership meetings.
Annual Corporate Conferences and Retreats.
School Assemblies, Youth camps and Groups,
Service and Veteran groups.
Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings and retreats.
Rotary Ryla Retreats
Senior Centers.
Community Events
Fundraising Events
Guest Radio Host
Celebrity Red Carpet Host
Podcasts and Radio interviews
Celebrity Judge


Available for: Keynote or Closing Speaker, Master of Ceremony, Judging panels, Break Out Room Presentation, School Assembly’s, Moderator.



When you Dream it, and Believe it, then Prepare for it, you will DO IT.

Gillian has used her motto to achieve many things throughout her 73 years and her entertaining presentation can be your guide to get out and reach for your goals.

Your age has nothing to do with it. If you are 2 or 102 you all have a dream.
Her most recent achievement was her selection to be part of the TV show Survivor which then opened innumerable doors that took led her to opportunities and experiences she never dreamed of.
Gillian applied for Survivor 20 times over 8 years and was selected at age 61. She is only one of two women over 60 to play.
She was eliminated second when her Survivor Flame was extinguished after only 6 days in the game but she turned disappointment into so much more.
As you hear what it took to be selected you will be able to associate it with your own life journey.These stories are not only a special treat for Survivor fans but to everyone of any age that needs a match to light or rekindle their own flame to light the way to reaching their goals.
Participants hear the Philosophy of the Rock and instructions to use add one to their lives.


Are you looking for a clear road map to follow?  Gillian presents her list of principles that start with P that will stimulate you to think.
  • What do you use to know and understand your personal map.
    Learn how to create your own words to use to navigate your map to success?

  • She starts with Persistence telling stories to emphasize the point but all 12 have an equal value.

  • She guides you to dig deep and find your own lists using any or all letters of the alphabet but not to stop there with a list.

Participants will make their own action plans for every letter to follow.

It is a personal journey through the alphabet.

As with all her topics, the talk is tailored to the event.


 Do you have a fear of rejection?
Is that fear holding you back from being all you can be.?
Is that fear stopping you from offering the best of yourself to others ?.Learn the anatomy of rejection.
Where does your fear of rejection stem from?
Explore all types of rejection and understand the impact it has on you.
Learn tips to help you handle rejection.The fear of rejection is keeping your light under the bucket and keeping you from shining.
Rejection not addressed healthily can cause loneliness which can then make you ill even kill you !!
Now is the best time to take that step to bring your light to your world.Gillian ignored the rejection she experienced in many parts of her life that took her to enjoy what life does offer. She learned from the rejection she had 20 times from Survivor casting that took her on this exciting journey living the life she was meant to live making a difference in her life and in the lives of many.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr6YpFMwu-c”Fear is temporary, regret is permanent”


 Do you keep thinking you are too young or too old to do what you have in your heart?
Do people keep telling you “you can’t” when you keep telling yourself ” I can”
Who do you listen to, why?
Who knows what you are capable of you or them?You need to change your assumption that age is a barrier to living a meaningful life is necessary as people are achieving at a much younger age and also living much longer.No matter one’s age, if fueled by experiences, talent, a why, a purpose, passion, the desire we can do what we are able to with what we have inside us.Are we inclined to create barriers to our success, barriers such as age, too young too old, lack of time, too much to do, it is too hard, health issues, fear of failure or the fear of failing again?Hear ways to take stock of who you are and what you really want.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone.If you can dream it, it can be yours.
If you believe it, it will be yours.
If you prepare for it, you cannot fail.What is stopping you?
Make your path to your dream and goals today.
Learn Gillian’s “Sticky Note Path Building System””Fear is temporary, regret is permanent.

Please read some of the testimonials and feedback I have received.. People love what I say and I love saying it. School kids from K-12 all sit and listen for 45 minutes. It is fascinating to watch.

Call me today at (781) 962-8234 or contact me via email for additional information.


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