My passion… You CAN do anything you want to do if it is reasonable. Do NOT listen to people who tell you you can’t.  YOU are the only one who knows what YOU are capable of doing. Do IT today. Allow me to bring my passion to your event!

I’ve attended more than 365 events at organizations, schools, corporations, and service groups. I have been the keynote speaker, I have been the entertainment, I am everywhere delivering my message of being the best you can be because you CAN be. Take a look at my promotional video to get a flavor!

I actually do not believe in motivational speeches, as I believe that motivation must come from within. I believe my talks are inspirational and I hope something I say waters that seed of a dream in your heart and mind and helps it grow into a fulfilled dream.

That makes me the million dollar winner of my season!  You CAN do anything you want to do if it is reasonable. Do NOT listen to people who tell you you cant.  YOU are the only one who knows what YOU are capable of doing. Do IT today.  My flame was snuffed out in the game of Survivor as I did not have control but no one will ever touch the flame that is inside of me.  That is what I want everyone to leave with. DO NOT LET ANYONE snuff out your flame. It is all in your control and YOU are the only one who knows what you are capable of. DO IT !!!!

Please read some of the testimonials and feedback I have received.. People seem to love what I say and I love saying it. School kids from K-12 all sit and listen for 45 minutes. It is fascianting to watch.

Call me today at (781) 962-8234 or contact me via email for additional information.

Speaking Fees

Inspirational speaking engagements are tailored specifically to your organizations event, and are age appropriate. The topic and demographics of the group determine the additional  content to my basic message. Generally, the speaking time is between 45 minutes and two hours. I’m always available for questions and answers, along with autographs and photographs after the session. We can arrange several sessions per day with reasonable break time between each.

Your first step is to contact me so we can start a discussion about your group and your objectives.

Corporate Rates – Starting at $500 per hour speaking time. Plus airfare, car rental, fuel and  accommodations. Please contact  me  for a detailed quote that will meet your objectives.

Minimum speaking time : 45mins. Preferably 1hr.  Longer time as needed, plus time for questions, autographs and photos.  Multiple talks available in same day.

Schools and service organizations are frequently pro-bono, plus expenses based on travel distance.

Travel costs in Temecula Valley area $0

Travel costs outside of Temecula Valley but in Inland Empire $50.

Travel outside of Southern California, airfare, car rental, fuel and accommodations.

Minimum speaking time 45mins plus time for  questions, autographs and photos.

Testimonials on

Thank you  in advance for your interest. I am honored to be invited to be your speaker and look forward to helping others realize their dreams.



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