Survivor hopefuls and an open casting call

I sooo know what it feels like to be an ever hopeful Survivor Wannabe. I would have given my eye teeth or even maybe even my first born (sorry Tonya) to have met a Survivor to talk to. Never did. THAT is why I will always go and cruise the line at open casting calls to encourage, chat with and even entertain the hopefuls.

Many love to touch my buff® and my game shirt and hear my suggestions. It is always “be yourself, they are looking for you” If you are big be big, loud, be loud, annoying be annoying, sweet, be sweet, sexy be sexy whatever it is be it. Just strut your stuff if you’ve got it.

I love watching the “Tribal Alliances” forming on the sidewalks, the loud and irritating ones annoying the others, the pushy and quiet ones, the full-o-fun ones, the full-o-shit ones and all the full-o-hope ones writing and rewriting their applications, practicing their 2 minutes pleas to the camera. There are also the “overnighters” who set up for sometimes days.

Survivor Steve is always first in line and is there for 2 nights and 3 days. He is famous just for that. There are tents, and reclining beach chairs and sleeping bags. The Pauma one was a long cold night but spirits couldn’t have been brighter when I got there at 6am. I did not spend the night this time as I had just got home from my 26 bookings in six days speaking trip.

There are always a few moments that really stand out and this time it was the two ladies who went to the casino to drink and did not get back when they had been told to and gave the producers a hard time. Not smart…. but they did get their moments in the lens.

Then the 70 year old lady who did not look a day over 60 who asked if I thought it would be too much for her. Not if she is fit, healthy and driven. Go for it. Good luck to you all. Everyone was even more excited when two casting people came to chat too. Wow, what a chance to get in front of Survivor Casting to boot.

Good luck to you all. We will see you one of these days and you will be on the other side of the line like I am now. Photos posted on my Facebook page if anyone wants to see what an open call looks like.

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  1. Vince A.
    Vince A. says:

    I am heading to an open casting call in Chicago and will be driving from Boston Next month, April 21st, 2012. I have watched every episode in every season thus far. I wouldn’t catagorize myself as a survivor nut, but I can normally tell who’s style of play will get them to the final 5 or so. Any additional tips you can share that may help me?

    Thank you.

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