Survivor Samoa finale weekend – Dec 09

Maybe this entry should be titled “Russell was soooo pissed” What a sore loser, thus what a loser. CBS made Samoa the Russell show because I think it needed a bang up season for future contacting and they go it.

Yes, Russell gave them plenty of material to work with but the others or most of the others played the game into Survivor history but editing worked them out and him in. Yes he played a great game in many ways but a lousy on in other ways.

No one plays the game alone or wins alone and he lost the game all by himself. He forgot the social side and you can’t piss of the jury or actually the world. Natalie outlasted him, amen.  He spent most of the finale weekend looking highly pissed, was very approachable, very polite and willing to pose and talk but he was not the social butterfly in the crowd.

Everyone else, well almost everyone (I wont name names, was having a really good time or so it seemed. The cast was a lot of fun to be around and almost all were an absolute delight. Most of them were happy with their entire experience and appreciative of the opportunity. Some not so, I won’t mention names.

Ron and I spent the weekend at all the gatherings enjoying talking to all of “Samoa” and many previous players. We probably got about 5 hrs sleep all weekend. Not bad for people who don’t hit the scene with regularity. It is such fun being on the inside of this Reality World and getting the scoop on the game I watched with such fervor all these years.

I still cant believe “I am one of them” and I will always be grateful for the opportunity and feel privileged to have played especially seeing that so many are recruited or referred. I preferred my journey to Survivor and I am enjoying my journey post Survivor.

I think the cast for S20 will be announced this weekend as the show airs on Feb 11. I have renamed it “Assholes and Angels” and I cant wait for the Coloseum to open it’s gates and let the lions out. They are going to eat each other alive. Let the games begin!

Photos are posted on my Facebook page. Check them out.

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