I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of meeting thousands of people at hundreds of motivational speeches since early 2009. Here are some of the testimonials I have received. There are many, many more – and all of the feedback really makes me feel like the million-dollar winner of Survivor Gabon!

Claudia Cooley. Professional Success & Life Enrichment Consultant/Coach.

Host of Rev Up For Success Radio

Gillian Larson Was such an inspiration as she shared her story if tenacity, determination and go for your dream. Wow!

Exec Asst: Next Level

I had the pleasure of hearing Gillian Larson speak at Next Level By Association and it was the absolute most perfect timing in my life. She got up and began to share her story which had me glued to my seat like the camera man in her open-casting call. She said this one thing that really resonated with me “Fear is Temporary but Regret is Permanent” That is now my favorite quote. I let myself live in fear for a long time in my life. Lately I had been reconsidering that lifestyle and conquered my fear of swimming in the ocean (ended up swimming with a wild seal). Yet I didn’t really apply the idea of conquering my fears to any other aspect of my life. But listening to Gillian’s story gave me the inspiration I need to keep that quote above me and remember that if I don’t do something due to fear I’m only going to regret it later. Thank you Gillian!

Gary Lynn Floyd, Musician/Songwriter

You we’re such an inspiration to me last night. I loved your message, and was moved to keep believing and trusting my inner voice, knowing that anything is possible. Thanks again sharing your gift.

Howard, Prime Timers Hope Lutheran Church

Very interesting and inspiring. Your talk today was so timely as I have been wondering about taking the next step and making a change. I felt inspired to do and will.

From Jason Oakley

Thank you for the invitation to listen in live to guest speaker Gillian Larson.  My wife and I really enjoyed everything she had to say and truly live by the words she spoke.  While Gillian mentioned in her talk that she had read just about every book on motivation and how to prepare herself to reach her goal of being on Survivor, she did say she never got a chance to read “The Secret”. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have watched the movie version of  “The Secret” and can tell you that Gillian Larson’s talk reminded us so much of the movie that we had watched together. It was excellent to see another real life example of one reaching their goals through perseverance and determination in Gillian Larson. Gillian’s story was an awesome one to hear and although she did not read “The Secret” her life could be a prime example of the very teachings in that book.  Thank you again, we truly loved being apart of the event and are very grateful we got to hear from Gillian Larson’s life experiences.

Helen in Brandford, Canada and other comments from Canada trip

Your presentation was excellent. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I knew I was on the right path and this confirms it. You rock!

Your presentation was excellent. It reinforces my belief that if you do want something bad enough and work for it, it will come true.

Presentation excellent. Amazing story. I took away from it to dream it and fear is temporary, regret is permanent.

Every area of your talk was excellent. You made me think beyond my day to day life about what I want to do and what I can do with my life.

Excellent presentation. All was perfect. Your talk today helped me to be more focused on my dreams and what I need to do. I will speak up and stand up for myself.

Karen and Vern Goodwalt. “Joy Group – Just Older Youth” Emmanuel Lutheran Church – Riverside, Calif.

Gillian tells you how you can dream and make it come true. Fantastic motivational speaker. Many of our guests expressed how she reminded them that they can have a dream and go for it and they will, no matter what age they are.

Ben Waterworth, Radio Personality, Survivor Oz – Australia’s Only Survivor Radio Show

I first met Gillian by chance during a Facebook meeting towards the end of 2011 and organised her to come on my radio show here in Australia to not only talk about her time on Survivor but also her amazing abilities as a motivational speaker and her amazing charitable efforts. Since getting her on the show I found an instant connection and Gillian was instrumental in helping me setup a spin-off radio show based purely on Survivor, which is the only Survivor based radio show in Australia. Survivor Oz has now gone on to interview over 150 former castaways as well as people behind the scenes in the show including the man behind it all Mark Burnett and is one of the most downloaded and popular Survivor based radio shows in the world! Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting Gillian in person, her passion and enthusiasm radiates across the oceans into an environment that is purely based on internet, audio and visual communication and I highly recommend her services for any engagement. You’ll immediately be drawn to her personality and leave the experience with memories that will last you a lifetime!

From Julie Comeau, Author of Never Give Up – The Inspiring Journey Of A Real Life Survivor

Gillian is one of the most amazing woman that I have encountered, her strength and her determination inspire me to keep moving forward no matter what. In all she does and through all the people she helps she not only touches one life, she touches thousands at a time. Gillian touched my life back in 2009 when I had lost all hope and wanted to give up. Just by seeing how determined this amazing woman was made me feel energized and rebooted in a way like no other. Her compassion and her dedication is remarkable in so many ways. The effect that Gillian has on people is lifelong and in all that she sets out to do she accomplishes with great determination and her uniqueness makes her one of a kind. Having Gillian touch my world has truly been life changing.

From Claire

Gillian, You spoke at a Women’s Conference a few years ago, shortly after my husband died. I talked to you afterwards as I was so inspired by your message. I wanted to travel but had never traveled without my husband and was too scared to do so. I took your advice, did what it took and have now traveled extensively and have had an amazing time. Thank you for your inspiration. You so enhanced my life.

From Arch Aitcheson, an english teacher at Vista Murrieta High School in Murrieta, Calif.

Gillian Larson brought an inspiring and positive tone to our annual National Honor Society induction ceremony.  Her experiences as a contender on Survivor Gabon were interwoven with her challenging mantra to attain the most challenging of life’s goals – “Dream it, Believe in it, Prepare for it and Do it!”  Gillian’s presentation reached the faculty, students, parents and extended families at our program. With a wonderful sense of humor and a positive approach, she captivated and encouraged each one of us to reach for the best in our own lives. This was a wonderful way to make a special night extraordinary.

Eleventh graders in my English classes at Vista Murrieta High School were thrilled to have Gillian Larson “pop in” to visit. She was invited by our administration to participate at a rally to celebrate the success of our student effort during the CST testing that semester and had provided a wonderful campus television spot to challenge the student body to give its best during the weeks of the testing.  After my students completed a journal response to her motto for reaching goals, Gillian was introduced and interacted with the class in an open dialogue about her adventure and about the students’ life goals. The day included a class photo with our “star” visitor and an inspiring question and discussion session.  Gillian brought a fresh and positive approach to a diverse classroom population.  Her pictures and motto remain posted on the classroom assignment boards.

From Susan Meath, a Sixth Grade teacher at Peyton Elementary School in Stockton, Calif.

Gillian entertains, encourages, and brings hope. My sixth grade students were excited when they heard a member of the hit show Survivor was going to speak at their school. As I watched my students as Gillian spoke, I saw them sitting still, engaged, and eager to ask questions when the time arose. This is unusual for my sixth grade class as they aren’t easily engaged, let alone sitting still.

Gillian speaks in a way that helps you visualize what it’s like to be on a reality show. She goes into detail about her experiences trying to get on the show as well as when she was on the show.  She brings along her Survivor torch and the shirt she wore on the show which really brought the show to life. The students were in awe.

More importantly though, Gillian talks to the kids about hope, perseverance and living their dream. GO FOR IT!  I wanted Gillian to know how much we appreciated her taking time out of her day to talk to our school, so I asked my students to write a thank you letter to Gillian.  I told my students I would not be reading their letters because what they had to say was for Gillian and not for me.  I asked the students to write about what they liked most about the assembly and what dream they wanted to pursue.  A week later our class received a letter from Gillian.  Gillian Larson wrote a personal letter to my sixth grade class thanking them for their letters.

She also included survivor photos personalized to each student.  The kids were so excited.  Thank you Gillian for showing my students that if you have a dream you can achieve that dream by working hard and never giving up!

From Rick Fortin at Helix High School in San Diego, Calif.

Gillian came to Helix High School to talk to my students about following their dreams.  My students are considered at risk of not graduating.  They have had very little success in school, but have all showed the desire to succeed.  I invited Gillian to talk about Survivor and the lengths she went to get on the show.  She spoke about much more.  Gillian’s talk reinforced what I was trying to teach them in terms of setting goals and achieving them.  For months after her visit, they were still quoting her saying “Dream it” and “Don’t give up”.   Not all were big Survivor fans; however they all became Gillian Larson fans after she spoke.  I still see many of them in the halls and they ask if she is coming back.

From Andrea Borrell at PALS Preschool in Temecula. Calif.

Gillian Larson is an inspiration to people of all ages. Her positive and energetic attitude is contagious. She helps others believe that they can do anything they set their minds to, reminding them that they each have a “fire” that burns within that no one else can extinguish. Her message will give any group of adults or children a feeling of empowerment which will in turn enhance their lives. Our school felt privileged to have her as our guest speaker.

From Katie Clemens, after a presentation at the Fallbrook Women’s Connection in Fallbrook, Calif.

Gillian has a message that motivates us all to dare to dream, and do something about it! Our group left the event energized and excited to pursue their interests, even though the average age is about 70 years young!

From Albert R. Renteria, CEO and President, The ARRC

You and I have been connected since February of 2003 and during that time your dream of eight years came to fruition. Your REFUSE TO FAIL demeanor has fueled me to aspire an aim to eradicate the notion of a homeless Veteran by 2035! I am humble and honored that you agreed to be part of our Nov. 1, 2008 grand opening in Fallbrook, Caif. in honor of Veterans Day to share your REFUSE TO FAIL journey with us.

The fuel you have given me was nicely distributed to those you spoke on that day and many have enjoyed meeting you in person. Since that day of our grand opening, we have just yesterday signed on a total of 71 American Veterans as Learners with the aim to eradicate the notion of a homeless Veteran. You were and continue to be an inspiration to us all and thank you so very much for setting the bar so high!

God Bless and always know, you are part of our life and dreams. Semper Fi!

From Diane Feneck, Coordinator, Wellness WORKs! California State University, Stanislaus

Your talk was very inspiring! It provided the clients at Wellness WORKs! an understanding that a positive attitude and perseverance are critical in achieving success. And, that if we want something badly enough, we have the inner resources within us to achieve it! Thank you for the wonderful example you set to all of us!

From Cory Stepanek, CLTC Genworth Insurance Agency, Inc.

I want to “Thank You” once again for your truly inspirational story.Your message of, Dreaming, Believing, Preparing and getting it Done is so relevant for both children and adults alike. I would strongly Encourage anyone with a team or who teaches others, to have you Share your message of persistence, hope and the value of the journey. Thanks again for your wonderful story and the vision you had.

From Sonia Ambriz, Principal at McKinley Elementary School in Stockton. Calif.

I want to directly thank you for the inspirational assembly you provided for our students at McKinley Elementary School . Our students demonstrated active participation and interest in the motivational words and the interesting pictures of your “Survivor” journey. I know that you touched more than a few students to dream big and never give up. On behalf of McKinley staff and students, Thank you!

From Dale Borgeson, Principal at McParland Elementary School in Stockton Calif.

I thought the assembly was fantastic. Gillian did a wonderful job of keeping her audience spellbound. Usually, assemblies don’t cover so much geography combined with the strong message about the importance of having drive and motivation. Of all my years in the business, this was the best assembly The assemblies were for grades 3-8 and each grade level felt that you did a great job adapting to the age group. This is the response from one of my teachers. I heard this echoed from many others as well!

From R. Lange, Vice President at the Aviara Women’s Club

Thank you so much for speaking to and inspiring our group. You were a HUGE hit! We loved your story of persistance and how it finally paid off for you. You are really a very inspiring speaker.

From B Rohrer, the Program Chair at Kiwanis Valley Center

Thanks for a terrific presentation at Kiwanis in Valley Center, a really great program.

From a student at Roseville High School

Nice video your speech was very inspirational.

From a student Woodcreek High School in Roseville, Calif.

You are SO awesome! You came to my school today (Woodcreek Highschool in Roseville, CA). You were so inspirational to me. You have done all of these amazing things and have been all over the world. Thank you for speaking at my school.

From Donna, a parent of a student

Hello, You spoke at my son’s school (Parker Whitney) today and he came home so excited. He was so inspired by your message of dream, believe, prepare and go after what you want.

From Christopher Yanov, Executive Director at Reality Changers in San Diego

When Gillian spoke at Reality Changers, our inner-city students from disadvantaged backgrounds learned how to become true survivors in life. One of our 11th graders said it best: ‘Gillian, you’re amazing!’

From Phillip Tonkin at The Exchange Club of Magnolia Center

The members ejoyed your presentation Gillian. Some have said it was the best yet. A tough bunch to please and you won them over.

From Olivia Lofstrom, organizer at a home school co-op in Boston, Mass.

Gillian came to our co-op and was amazing. Her story was so motivating, and she taught us a lot about planning for your goals, believing in them, and going out and doing them, and about perseverance, belief, and initiative. She is truly an inspiring person.