Reality Rally, from a Jungle Path to the Red Carpet.

      Every Non-Profit starts with a story and a huge need to fill which then starts that journey to make a difference in the lives of many. Reality Rally is just that but with a difference. We are a “Funnel of Fun for Funds” The funds we raise pass right through our funnel to a deserving charity, Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center.

     We have a large 3-day event that has become one of Temecula’s signature events to raise funds for Michelle’s Place. I also wanted a way to have unique events highlighting our town,Temecula, and surrounding areas. I wanted an all-inclusive event that would invite and include our school groups, businesses and venues. Unique events for all ages and family involvement.

     Our story started in the jungle of Gabon after I heard “The Tribe has Spoken” when I was on Survivor and I was eliminated which has made a difference in my life but now my new “Tribe has Spoken” loudly as it makes a difference in the lives of many.

    My Survivor flame was extinguished but the flame of Reality Rally was ignited and a seed was planted in my heart that would grow and enhance my life and the lives of so many forever. The seed of Reality Rally came out of disappointment but I turned it into a remarkable opportunity to “monetize” an experience and to use my “Celebrity” for a deserving charity and to highlight and promote my town which I love. Being on CBS “Survivor” gave me the platform and opportunity to do something that would be significant.

      Now our Tribe is 75 Production Team members, over 400 hundred for the event weekend, 100 Reality TV Stars who attend yearly, over 120 Sponsors who donate their services and product every year, our 12 Checkpoint Challenge Partners, our many Media Partners, Fans of Reality shows and fans of charity all over the world who support us and promote what we do and the many people who buy tickets to attend.

Every one of us, including myself, is a volunteer so I wonder if we can call it a “business” as we are just in the business to make a difference having “Fun for Funds” which is that funnel for funds. We do not have any administrative overhead, just “overheart” Our mission is multifold. To have a unique 3-day weekend event to raise funds for a deserving charity Michelle’s Place, to have an opportunity for the surrounding towns to be involved, businesses to have fun and promote their business through our event, and a unique event for people to enjoy.

      There is something in our event for everyone so we invite everyone to become part of our “Fun Funnel for Funds” and be part of our story that makes a significant difference in the lives of many as they face the toughest fight of their lives facing cancer as they receive services through Michelle’s Place which makes that journey bearable. 

We invite everyone to raise their hands and their hearts and donate though us for Michelle’s Place

 Reality Rally Inc IRS Code-Section 501(c)(3) Tax ID number 81-0982539