“Never Give Up”

When I do my speaking engagements and in all I do, my message is of persistence, belief in oneself and ones ability. To always  “Dream it, Believe It, Prepare for it, DO IT !!!” I hear from many who hear me or read what I do how I was an inspiration and helped them move towards their dream. I encourage others to share their stories and to know that everything we say can and does have a ripple effect. We may know where some of those ripples touch but it is mind boggling to think that our ripple may travel far and wide and touch many.  I feel it is my honor and a privilege to have that possibility.

One of my ripples reached all the way to Canada several years ago. Julie Comeau was following what I do and it watered her seed of her dream in her heart. She had been struggling with many physical problems and decided she would  “never give up” and she would come out of the other end of her struggles and have her story to share and inspire. She did. She came out the other end of her dark tunnel with a powerful message of “Never Give Up” which she wrote in her book. Her book can be purchased to help you come out of your tunnel and be inspired to do what you are capable of.


This was her comment to me

From Julie Comeau, Author of Never Give Up – The Inspiring Journey Of A Real Life Survivor

[quote]Gillian is one of the most amazing woman that I have encountered, her strength and her determination inspire me to keep moving forward no matter what. In all she does and through all the people she helps she not only touches one life, she touches thousands at a time. Gillian touched my life back in 2009 when I had lost all hope and wanted to give up. Just by seeing how determined this amazing woman was made me feel energized and rebooted in a way like no other. Her compassion and her dedication is remarkable in so many ways. The effect that Gillian has on people is lifelong and in all that she sets out to do she accomplishes with great determination and her uniqueness makes her one of a kind. Having Gillian touch my world has truly been life changing.[/quote]

Thomas Edison penned that well. “If we did what we were capable of, we would  totally astound ourselves.”

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