Diva Weekly Strategies for Success with Robbie Motter

Recently, I was on Robbie Motter’s Diva Weekly Strategies for Success radio show hosting on the Blog Talk Radio network. I had an opportunity to discuss my 12 P’s for success on the show!

Robbie is a marketing and public relations consultant certified national speaker and Aathor. She is the senior VP of the American Seminar Leaders/Contacts Unlimited Speakers Bureau, and serves as the NAFE Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator. Robbie serves on many boards of directors across the country. She worked in top positions in corporate America before starting her own company, Contacts Unlimited in 1985. She has been a single mother raising three children all whom are grown now and all whom hold top executive positions.

Enjoy the program below, and you can visit her website and check out her weekly show on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT. on the Women’s Business Talk Radio Network.

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