All things Survivor Gabon

Survivor Fans Podcast interview to promote Reality Rally.

In October 2010 when Reality Rally was just becoming a reality I reached out to JoAnn and Stacy of Survivor Fans Podcast and asked if they could help get the word out about a new project I was working on. They jumped at the opportunity to help, and we had a great time talking with about it. Thank you JoAnn and Stacy, you played a really big part getting Reality Rally off the ground

Listen to this audio interview with Gillian to get all the details on the Reality Rally project, the great cause it supports, the multiple ways you can participate, the giant list of reality stars that will be there and lots more!

Survivor Fans Podcast Day After interview

Jo Ann and Stacy of Survivor Fans Podcast were one of the first podcasters to do Exit Interviews! Here is my Exit Interview which is done the day after the viewing of the episode after I was “booooooted!!!” They wanted my take on my tribe members and so much more. Their questions were just what Survivor Fans want to know. Listen in.

Survivor photos from Gabon