Welcome to our family Adam Anson Thomas

11th January 2010 at 10.18am we welcomed our beautiful little 6th grandbaby into our family. Adam Anson Thomas. 7lbs 9oz and 19 ½ ins.

His middle name is for Cliff who was Bill’s best friend from childhood who died suddenly last summer. What a tribute to friendship giving your child his middle name. Kendra had to have a scheduled C Section due to 2 previous sections so in one way it was nice to plan around the date and not sit wondering day after day.

I went to stay with Emma and Jack and we had a really fun and busy week preparing. The kids were really good being left at home for the first time. The hospital had “No Visiting” due to H1N1 concerns so they had to rely on the magic of the Internet to meet their little brother. Mom and Dad waited to tell anyone as they wanted their kids to know first. Emma came running into the house after school and we connected to Skype.

They listened with eagerness and when they heard they had a baby brother Emma just smiled and looked in awe at the screen and the first sight of her baby. Jack raised an arm in the air with a resounding “yesssss” and decided he should be called Buster. ??? They chatted on Skype for a while then did a jump on the bed victory dance. I think Emma had been a little worried because of course she had been told of several maternity mishaps by some kids that week.

Good grief… childhood sure has changed since I was one. So she felt now relieved. They then Skyped their cousins vacationing in Maine on the ski slopes and shared the news. Aunty Cakes (Andrea) and an entire neighbourhood of mothers with children totaling at least 100, or so it felt, were all waiting up the road for the news which Emma and Jack tore off to share.

Much excitement and shouting met the news of “we have a baby brother” Life is soooo good when you see your adult children so happy in their lives with family and friends. Kendra, Bill and Adam Anson came home on Thursday and the kids had hung a Welcome Home sign, streamers and flowers. Had made shirts they drew themselves declaring they are the big brother and for Emma the big sister again.

Needless the arrival was very exciting and the kids could hardly wait for the car to pull in and many aaawwws he’s so tiny were heard. Adam needed a Bili Light for an elevated bili count so he was then wrapped in it and looked just like a glow worm.

Adam is a very sweet, placid baby and I am having another amazing experience with the little bundle all curled up on my chest. My favorite smell…a newborn baby’s head.

Photos on http://facebook.com/gillianlarson

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